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San Diego cosmetic surgeon offering new skin tightening treatment

San Diego cosmetic surgeon offering new skin tightening treatmentDr. Maurice Sherman is offering the newest RF skin tightening treatment, ThermiRF at his Del Mar practice. Dr. Sherman was recently mentioned in the La Jolla Light for hand-picking the very best non-invasive treatments available right now based on performance, technology including the new ThermiRF.

According to the La Jolla Light article: ThermiRF is the latest treatment using radiofrequency to hit the market, but itís different than other RF treatments because it is far more precise and reliable. Current non-invasive radiofrequency treatments do not give plastic surgeons the ability to control temperature consistently. Now, with ThermiRF, an exact temperature is delivered to the patientís skin, resulting in far greater precision and customization based on the individual. Results are controlled and safe, and most importantly, ThermiRF can deliver greater results in skin rejuvenation versus other radiofrequency treatments.

Del Mar is located about 20 minutes north of San Diego California.