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Guide for Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. Widder

Guide for Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery by Dr. WidderDr. Shlomo Widder, known as the “D.C. Butt Doctor” for his buttock augmenations in the Washington, DC area, says having a cosmetic surgery can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking time for a patient.

Preparation for a cosmetic surgery should start at least three weeks before the operation, although starting healthy habits earlier is always encouraged. “Preparation for cosmetic surgeries should be taken serious and treated similarly to preparing for a medical surgery,” said Widder.

The pre-surgery lifestyle should include eating healthy and regular meals, incorporating fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Also limit drugs, alcohol and smoking. Not heeding this warning could have an effected on the healing process and be more susceptible to illness and disease.

According to the doctor, Dr. Widder is the only plastic surgeon in the Northern Virginia area offering buttock implants. The “Butt Doctor” of D.C. has made it his mission to help men and women achieve the perfect posterior.