Dr. John Stratis & Dr. Scott Gayner

Dr. John Stratis & Dr. Scott Gayner

Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery

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Stratis-Gayner Plastic Surgery is the only practice in the state and one of a relative handful in the country to have implemented the cutting-edge practice of having one plastic surgeon specializing in the body and the other specializing in facial work.

Dr. John Stratis, a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializes in the body, while Dr. Scott Gayner, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializes in the face. Being focused on a particular aspect of the anatomy as we are provides a number of significant patient benefits. In fact, it was these patient benefits that led us to pursue our unique configuration.

With one face specialist and one body specialist, we truly are Focused for You.

It all began in 2005, when Dr. John Stratis was reading an article about a dawning trend in Plastic Surgery: combining a facial plastic surgery specialist with a body plastic surgery specialist. The handful of practices across the country who had tried it were reporting increased ability to serve patients and increase patient satisfaction. He couldn't get the article out of his head, such a simple idea, with obvious patient benefits, yet almost no one was doing it.

After some further research he became convinced he wanted to pursue the idea. So he went looking for a doctor to become his face specialist. After an extensive investigation, one name kept coming up as the doctor in the region who was doing excellent facial plastic surgery and that was Dr. Scott Gayner. Dr. Stratis approached Dr. Gayner with the idea, and after a good deal of getting to know one another, they opened the doors to Stratis-Gayer Plastic Surgery on January 1st, 2007.

The advantages to the patient of having specialized plastic surgeons can be profound. And they are unique to Stratis-Gayner Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery is one of the most rapidly changing fields in medicine today. New devices, procedures and drugs are announced each week. With Dr. Stratis focused on body procedures and Dr. Gayner focused on facial procedures, each of them can stay up to date on the latest developments in his discipline. With every learning opportunity from seminars to medical journals focused on their subspecialty, their expertise in their area of focus continues to grow. The result? Stratis-Gayner's patients are assured that their physician is fluent in the leading-edge developments as well as the latest techniques that impact the patient's treatment.

Simultaneous procedures

It's not that unusual for a patient's surgical plan to include both a facial procedure and a body procedure. In the conventional plastic surgery practice, the generalist plastic surgeon will perform both operations on the same day, one after the other.

Dr. Stratis and Dr. Gayner can work on a patient simultaneously, typically cutting the time for surgery by half. With the simultaneous operation, the patient is under anesthesia for less time, minimizing recovery time and risk. Since doctors are also working for less time, four hours instead of eight, for example, reducing doctor fatigue. And because the facility and staff are needed for less time, there can be cost savings as well when performing procedures simultaneously.


Cross-consultation is another benefit unique to Stratis-Gayner Plastic Surgery. Typically the patient will come with a concern related to either body or face. But sometimes na additional interest is expressed in work on another part of the body. When the other specialist is needed, they are an in-house referral and the doctors will work together collaboratively on the patient's case.

For example, suppose a patient comes in to see Dr. Stratis, say for body contouring using the LipoSelection process. In the process of their conversation, it becomes clear that the patient has an interest as well in finding out about rhinoplasty, surgery of the nose. Dr. Gayner will be brought in to consult on the rhinoplasty. The patient gets the benefits of the depth of both doctor's specialized expertise.

It's not overstating to say that because of our unique configuration, no other plastic surgery practice in the state can offer these benefits to its clients.

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