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New York Surgeon Perfects a Mini Incision Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation


A 24 hour breast augmentation utilized and perfected by Dr. Stephen Greenberg allows him to obtain the best possible results in a variety of patients with any type of anatomy.

Typically breast augmentation recovery comes with considerable downtime and discomfort. The first 24 to 48 hours after surgery usually involves considerable pain and discomfort. Bandages are required up to 10 days and patients are unable to return to work and must avoid any activities more strenuous than simply moving around the house.

Breast Augmentation
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In contrast, the Twenty-four-hour rapid recovery breast augmentation, uses sophisticated new techniques that expedite healing, reduces pain and discomfort to an absolute minimum, and allows one to return to regular day-to-day activities faster than ever before.

Dr. Stephen Greenberg states, "Over the past two decades, I have perfected the rapid recovery breast augmentation process with specific intra-operative techniques. It is through these techniques that my patients are back to work within 24 hours with minimal discomfort and virtually no swelling or pain medications."

It is a unique aspect of Dr. Greenberg's 24 hour breast augmentation procedure that it's customized for each patient. "This involves the specific matching of the implants to the patient's own anatomy. There are many new types and shapes of breast implants, which allows me to insure that the anatomical features of the patient are matched to the exact size, shape and projection of the implant and look natural."

Just like any cosmetic surgery, some patients are candidates while others would be better served using another approach or treatment. To undergo breast augmentation is a highly personal decision that can make a tremendous difference in your life, and although a fast recovery time is almost universally appealing, the mini-incision approach is not for everyone.

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