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The Doctors Call it the "Pooch Eraser" - Vanquish Fat


On TV's The Doctors, a new, non-invasive body contouring procedure is demonstrated that promises to melt fat from your midsection without surgery or recovery time.

San Diego Dermatologist, Dr. Melanie Palm was on today's episode of The Doctors to share her experiences using the new Vanquish RF Fat Reduction system including before and after photos of her patients.

Before and After Photos of Vanquish
Vanquish Results Courtesy thedoctorstv.com

The ideal candidate is someone who is doing all the right things, exercising and eating right but just has a little pooch and wants to lose a pant size. According to the episode, this device is not a substitute for surgery and you are not a candidate if you have excessive skin or fat.

"It's not on label, it's FDA approved for deep tissue heating but we use it for body contouring and fat reduction, but yes we have noticed that some get a little skin tightening along the way" said Dr. Palm.

Four 30 minute treatments are typically required.

The Vanquish works by heating the subcutaneous fat. Patient's describe it as standing in front of a heater, but not uncomfortable. Some report redness and swelling for a few days.

A study by the manufacturer have shown an average of 59% of abdominal fat was destroyed after four treatments, and all patients saw a visible difference after the first treatment. Most patients lost an average of 2-3 inch's on their waist. Vanquish kills the fat cells, not just the fat within the cells which helps the results to be long lasting.