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Looking For Breast Implants That Have a More Natural Look and Feel?


MemoryShape Implants are FDA approved and reportedly look and feel more like natural breast tissue than traditional breast implants

MENTOR MemoryShape (gummy bear) Breast Implants are now available for select patients. They have a teardrop shape instead of the round implants and are much more like the silhouette of natural breasts. Filled with a cohesive gel that enables shape retention, they provide a natural silhouette and youthful firmness. The combination of teardrop shape and distinct gel formulation creates optimal balance of shape and feel.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens coined the term "gummy bear breast implant." He said he gave the implants this nickname because when cut in half, the implant is stable and retains its shape, much like the chewy, gummy bear candies.

These implants have been approved for adults 22 years of age and above. They also can be beneficial for women who have survived breast cancer and undergo reconstruction.

Example of before and after tear drop implants one year post surgery by Dr. Robert Burke, Ann Arbor Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr. Burke completed a 7 year study of the teardrop shaped breast implant and presented his final results at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual scientific meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Actual Tear Drop Implant Photo
Actual Tear Drop Implant Results by Dr. Robert Burke