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ChYnjection for Texting Face?


Do you suffer from "texting face"? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yan Trokel demonstrates his pain-free "chYnjection" procedure on The Doctors

Texting face or texting neck are terms recently coined for what may happen after years of looking down at your cell phone, causing your chin and jawline to sag or duplicate.

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Results of chYnjection
chYnjection Before and After Results
Courtesy of thedoctorstv.com

Dr. Yan Trokel has created a new procedure he has trademarked as chYnjection? which he claims will fix texting face instantly and without the side effects of painful surgery. chYnjection? achieves facial rejuvenation by building upon your natural facial structures through contouring that reshapes the chin and jawline restoring your natural, youthful "Y-shaped" facial symmetry. Dr. Trokel injects Hylauronic Acid facial fillers as part of this {!non-surgical face lift}. Wrinkles are smoothed out; jowls lifted for a more attractive jaw and neckline. The effects are profound ? a crisp, structural rejuvenated appearance rivaling even the most ideal facial structures.