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The Sweetheart Face - Using Lasers and Fillers for a Very Natural Look


Creating the "Sweetheart Face" by Dr. Nadia Chaudhry of Hope Medical Spa in Marlton New Jersey. Using the combination of Lasers and Facial Fillers she achieves a very natural result.

Dr. Nadia Chaudhry, MD located in Marlton, New Jersey, demonstrates the Sweetheart Face which involves lifting the cheekbones where they used to sit. It involves using products such as Sculptra or Radiesse and treating fine lines around the eyes with Restylane and also Juvederm for the lips.

According to Dr. Chaudhry, when using these products with healthy skin, the longevity is so much more superior than just spackling and chasing wrinkles.

"One of the main concerns that our patients have is that they're going to look unnatural and that lasers are going to actually harm their skin or that these fillers are going to make them look stupid or different which is not what we strive for or achieve in our practice," says Dr. Chaudhry.

Before and After Sweetheart Face
The Sweetheart Face by Dr. Nadia Chaudhry
Within an hour patients can achieve new cheekbones or no more wrinkles around their eyes or natural looking lips with no downtime and enjoying the benefits right away.

Only at HOPE, can you get a "SweetHeart Face?" in Dr. Nadia's unique, gentle and natural way. Nowhere else can you have such a beautiful transformation, a natural "facelift" will be yours within an hour. Dr. Nadia's passion for antiaging is reflected in the masterpieces, she helps to co-create with you, once you are ready for true regeneration. All the protocols are individualized, and integrating the best combinations for you, using Sculptra, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane and Voluma and laser focused lights. You will be so happy that you chose to partner with Dr. Nadia and her HOPE TEAM! You are with the best of the best! at the best value.

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