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A Scarless Breast Reduction?


Breast reduction surgery has a very high patient satisfactory rating; however, most women want to avoid large surgery incision scars

Although there are many revolutionary, non-surgical skin tightening devices on the market today, none of them are effective yet for breast reduction or lifting. Traditional breast reduction surgery typically leaves scarring around the areolas, then in an upside down "T shape" from the bottom of the areola down to a horizontal scar under the crease of the breast.

Breast Lipoplasty
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The closest thing to scarless breast reduction is liposuction of the breast (aka Breast Lipoplasty). Although it isn't truly "scarless" the incisions are only about an 1/8" and hidden in the breast crease so minimal compared to a traditional breast reduction.

Los Angeles plastic surgeon and Past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dr. Peter Fodor has been performing a successful breast reduction technique using liposuction only for many years, called LOBR (for Lipoplasty Only Breast Reduction). Dr. Fodor describes the recovery of his breast lipoplasty procedure as "much easier." In addition to small scars and shorter recovery time, Dr. Fodor states that patients have a lower risk of loss of nipple or skin sensitivity a frequent complication of traditional breast reduction surgery.

Does the procedure work? Dr. Fodor says, "the skin shrinks and the nipples rise up on the breast mound in all of our patients as documented with measurements and photography. In some cases by as much as 3 inches."
Actual Breast Liposuction Results
Using LOBR the skin shrinks and there is some lifting, note the reduced areola size

Who is the ideal patient for liposuction of the breast? Dr. Fodor states, "the young woman with good skin quality, no stretch marks and normal thickness because the thicker the dermis the better the skin shrinks."

Although young women tend to have better skin, Dr. Fodor has performed the procedure on a 60 year old woman with positive results. More important than age is skin quality. Women with poor skin elasticity or that require a large reduction or lift are not good candidates for this procedure. Performed properly the extra skin shrinks and contracts towards the nipple, some patients actually achieve uplifting of the breast contour.

It is important to note that Dr. Fodor has been performing this technique for years and has had much success. It is not routinely performed by the typical liposuction surgeon. Dr. Robert Burke, a cosmetic surgeon in Ann Arbor, Michigan explains, "Breast reductions typically reduce the size of the breasts and lift the nipple areolar region resulting in younger, firmer, more 'perky' breasts. Usually this requires a combination of careful surgical techniques designed to minimize the scar. Where there is excess fat around the breasts, a liposculpture technique may contribute to better results. Where the excess is mainly due to extra breast tissue this does not work as well. Although volume can sometimes be reduced in this manner, the nipple position relative to the breast remains low.