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Breast Reduction Surgery - What Every Woman Should Know


For those women who suffer from excessively large breasts, breast reduction surgery can be a great solution.

breast reduction demo on the doctorsThey say 'bigger is better,' but for many women with large breasts, bigger means aches, pains, and sometimes embarrassment. Breast reduction surgery is a great option for these women who suffer with very large breasts.

The average bra size in the US is a 36-C with sizes going up from there. The additional strain on the body of a large breasted woman can be severe. The extra weight pulls the body forward, causing women to be hunched over and many have back pain from trying to hold up the weight. There is also pain from the bra straps that dig in to the skin on the shoulders which often radiates up through the neck and back.

Shopping for clothes is especially difficult. Some women are embarrassed by their large breasts and clothes that fit in the waist, don't fit in the bust - things that fit the bust are too big on the waist. Many women say that their large breasts make them feel fat, when they actually have a slim figure.

Today, The Doctors' Dr. Drew Ordon explained how breast reduction surgery works. He described it as the removal of a 'wedge' of breast tissue and skin from the bottom side of the breast. The two opposite sides of the removed wedge are then sewn back together, with minimal scarring at the hands of a qualified physician. Most women are pleased with the results as they can once again fit into their clothes comfortably and the breasts are often perkier than they were before surgery.