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Ultra High Profile Implant Provides Better Options For Smaller Patients Seeking Breast Augmentation

Smaller patients who may have been turned away in the past now have more options in breast implants

Those seeking natural looking implants may have been advised against them in the past, especially when it comes to patients with a smaller build. A lack of options in sizing of implant diameters has meant that those with smaller chests simply did not have room that would accommodate broad based implants. One such patient was recently spotlighted on The Doctors television program. The young woman said that she'd been told by more than one Plastic Surgeon that she had a "shallow breast cavity" and implants would not look natural on her for that reason. Dr. Andrew Ordon performed an implant surgery on her, making use of Ultra High Profile implants by Mentor. This choice of implant is giving options, that may not have been available before, to women with small build.

Mentor Ultra High Profile Breast Implant Photo
Photo Courtesy www.thedoctorstv.com

Dr. Ordon explained how these high profile implants have less diameter than traditional implants, making them more narrow. The broader options with lower profile may have the same volume but are unsuitable for small patients. He noted that the implant procedure is all about creating the right pocket so that the implant can move naturally. Checking the patient in a sitting position, after some progress in the surgery, is also important to make sure that everything is lining up correctly. He demonstrated that a wider base diameter would give a small patient, like the one from the show segment, volume on the side where you don't want it. The higher profile implants with smaller bases are better for patients this size. The young lady on the show was so pleased by her results that she was moved to tears.

Dr. Robert Burke, a cosmetic surgeon who performs Breast Augmentation in Ann Arbor Michigan stated "the first thing that breast implant patients tell me is that they want to look natural. More implant profile and sizing choices mean a better result. Those women with a smaller chest size tell me they like the ultra high profile gel implant because its smaller base diameter fits their body size while still providing increased projection and lift."