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Using Cold To Freeze Fat Off


Lipofreeze uses cold temperature to freeze fat and may offer patients a non-invasive spot fat reduction option without liposuction.

We all have areas of fat on our bodies that we would like to get rid of. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, these stubborn pockets of fat just will not budge. Previously, the most sought body contouring procedure was liposuction but even with new technology, the procedure is still considered minimally invasive. While the results are not as immediate or as dramatic as liposuction, completely non-surgical and non-invasive treatments have recently become available that may treat spot fat.

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Recently seen on The Doctors, the new non-invasive device Lipofreeze uses cold temperature to freeze fat. According to the manufacturer, Lipofreeze uses a cooling technology to eliminate fat cells without damage to the skin. Designed to reduce fat on the back, love handles and abdomen, the Lipofreeze device is applied to a cooling panel that is initially placed on the treatment area. Fat cells are then brought a temperature above freezing, destroyed and then eliminate through natural waste processes over the next few weeks. Approximately 1-2 treatments may be necessary to get the best results.

Lipofreeze is based on cryolipolysis, which was initially introduced in the aesthetic market as the spot fat reduction treatment Coolsculpting by Zeltiq. While both use cold temperature to destroy unwanted fat cells, only Coolsculpting has been cleared by the FDA in September 2010 for the non-invasive reduction of fat. The application of the cold temperature also differs, which may affect the uniformity of coldness being administered.
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Actual Lipofreeze Results
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Lipofreeze uses a cooling panel and the hand-piece, which looks like a hose, is directed over the unwanted fat. On the other hand, unwanted fat is suctioned into the Coolsculpting hand-piece and is uniformly cooled for approximately an hour. This may limit the size of treatment area, however, larger hand-pieces may soon be available.
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Actual Coolsculpting Results by Dr. Grant Stevens

According to Marina Del Rey Coolsculpting provider Dr. Grant Stevens, "Zeltiq is coming out with larger applicators so that the indications will expand." Larger hand pieces may mean larger areas of spot fat may be treated during the hour long procedure. Currently, due to the size of the Coolsculpting hand-piece, several treatments may be necessary to treat one larger area, such as the abdomen.

Several treatments are also necessary with Coolsculpting to achieve the best results and a change is lifestyle (i.e. diet and exercise) is also recommended. Final results may also take several weeks to occur. Coolsculpting is better suited for individuals who only have a small amount of fat to lose and may not be as effective for people trying to get rid of large amounts of fat.