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Non-Surgical Brow Lift? New Technologies Available


Ultherapy offers patients an alternative to the traditional eyebrow lift without surgery.

They say along with age comes wisdom. Sadly, another thing that comes with age is loose skin. Most of us will gladly take the wisdom but loose, sagging skin is another matter completely. Lax skin around the eyes can give the appearance of age, fatigue and weariness. New technology has emerged to address sagging brows and best of all, it's completely non-surgical.

Ultherapy before and after photos
Actual Ulthera Results of Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili

Recently seen on The Doctors, the skin-tightening device Ultherapy is used to target the brow area, smoothing out skin and lifting the brow to give a more wide-eyed and awake appearance. Ulthera uses ultrasonic energy to encourage collagen growth over time, making skin look tighter and firmer.

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili, who performs Ultherapy in Houston, Texas says,"With Ulthera, we can go deeper under the skin. We can reach some of the deeper facial structures and some of the connective tissue that we could only get with surgery before." As Dr. Yalamanchili describes, Ulthera enables the physician to treat deep under the skin in a way that only surgery could before. "We can tighten up some of the deeper muscles and connective tissue without having to use a knife or sutures. Therefore you don't have the downtime or the expense associated with traditional surgery."

Ulthera utilizes DeepSEE technology which allows the physician to see the depth of treatment. "What is revolutionary about this technology is we're using ultrasound - which has been around for 40 years - and you are, first of all, able to visualize the deep structures of the face and the skin. We're also able to treat those precise layers in a very exact manner using the same ultrasound." With Ultherapy's DeepSEE technology, the physician can precisely see the facial structure and depth they're treating, eliminating the need to estimate and providing better, more predictable results.

The surgical option to correct sagging brows is an endoscopic brow lift. Also known as a forehead lift, the excess skin and muscle is excised through an incisions made at the temples and the scalp. Although side effects of a brow lift are minimal, with any surgical procedure, there may be complications and patients can expect some downtime.

While Ultherapy is a powerful treatment, Dr. Yalamanchili stresses that patients shouldn't expect a facelift like result. This non-surgical option will however help patients avoid down time and cut down expenses. "Ulthera is a treatment where you really don't have any of those issues and you're able to get real results that you can see and modify," states Dr. Yalamanchili.

The ideal patient is on the younger side of the spectrum. "Patients who are a bit younger see the best results," Dr. Yalamanchili describes, "Patients in their late 30s to early 50s would probably respond a bit better and have a more dramatic result. They still have good elasticity and are in the early stages of loose skin." For patients that are older, an additional treatment 4-6 months after the initial treatment cycle may be beneficial.

Ulthera is FDA approved to provide a non-invasive eyebrow lift and to address loose and sagging skin around the brow. Patients that have a lot of sun damage and/or deep wrinkles should seek a different treatment such as fractional laser resurfacing to address their skin concerns.

Ulthera can be performed in 45 minutes-1 hour. The treatment is done in-office and there is absolutely no downtime. Patients may resume normal activity immediately. Some patients report seeing and feeling improvement right after the treatment but final results may take several months to appear. Dr. Yalamanchili says some patients like the natural-looking results that occur over time, "What you're doing with the ultrasound is actually stimulating the growth of collagen in your body. That process takes several months so you see a gradual change."