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Non-Surgical Eyebrow Lift in No Time with Ultherapy


Ulthera stimulates collagen growth and tightens skin with results in just one treatment.

As we age, collagen in the skin depletes and skin loses its elasticity, which causes wrinkles and sagging skin. One area commonly affected is around the eyebrow, and traditionally, a browlift surgery would be necessary to combat this aging appearance. Now, patients have the option of a non-surgical treatment called Ulthera, as shown today on The Doctors.

As Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi shows The Doctors, Ultherapy utilizes the power of ultrasonic energy to stimulate the growth of collagen. Over time, the collagen builds up again, making skin appear tighter and firmer. With Ulthera, the physician can actually see the layer of skin being treated to be certain that the correct amount of ultrasonic heat is being used to affect the collagen.

ultherapy on the doctors
Photo courtesy of thedoctorstv.com

Known as DeepSEE technology, the doctor can see under the skin just as with traditional sonograms. With this, the doctor can better ensure they're treating skin at the proper depth for maximum results.

Ulthera treatments are fast and patients often see results right away. They are well tolerated and many patients report little to no pain, even without using any anesthesia. There is no downtime or wound healing so patients can return to work right away. It's a simple procedure that can be done during a lunch hour, and many patients see results right away with continued improvement over the next couple of months.