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New Body Skin Tightening Technology: 500 Pulse Body Thermage Tip Now Available


The newest member to the Solta family, the 500 Pulse Body Thermage Tip's added pulses mean treating larger areas with just 1 tip - offering patients a more cost-efficient way to tighten large areas of loose skin.

The latest update to body skin tightening is the new 500 Pulse Body Thermage tip. Based off Thermage's 16.0 body tip, which also utilizes the Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) for greater patient comfort, the 500 Pulse Body Thermage tip offers a more cost-effective option to tighten skin on the body. Geared towards a younger demographic, the new 500 Pulse Body Thermage Tip offers greater affordability by offering more coverage in just 1 tip.

500 pulse body thermage
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One of the first to offer the new 500 Pulse tip, Dallas Body Thermage provider Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical says, "The new tip uses new technology to help 'trick' the brain into focusing on something else other than the heat, which is also focused better to avoid 'edge heat'."

According to Dr. Johnson, Thermage is the gold standard for skin tightening and the new 500 pulse tip can be used for loose skin on almost any body area to improve skin tightness and texture. "Thermage is probably the best treatment for loose front thigh skin, and the new 500 pulse tip will allow technicians to provide even more skin tightening ability to their patients," says Dr. Johnson.

Body Thermage is typically used to treat any wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on the body. It is also ideal to use on loose skin or bulges after pregnancy or weight loss and may help improve the appearance of cellulite. Previous Body Thermage tips had a limit of 400 pulses, restricting technicians to smaller areas such as the front of the thighs, arms or buttocks. To adequately treat both the front and the back of the thighs, 2 previous Body Thermage tips were needed.

The new 500 pulse Body Thermage tip allows for larger areas of the body to be treated with leftover pulses for patients to choose to treat another part of the body. For patients who are looking for a more economical solution to treating loose skin, the new 500 pulse Body Thermage tip can treat both the love-handles and the abdomen with only 1 tip.

"As a consultant, I would see many patients that were young mothers (early 20's)," describes Dr. Johnson, "They may really need Thermage on their stomachs, but purchasing 2 tips at $4000+ is out of their price range. Now, the 500 pulse tip allows them to have the procedure done. At 500 pulses, we can treat a typical abdomen and love-handle patient, that is post pregnancy, and for the cost of only a 1 tip procedure."

Dr. Johnson continues, "We continually strive to provide the latest Thermage Skin Tightening technology to our patients. This new tip is a testament of that goal. It also provides a great skin tightening option to potential patients that previously couldn't do Thermage due to the cost of multiple tips."