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Blair Underwood Asks The Doctors About Lipo for a Six Pack


Patients are turning to Vaser Liposuction not just for their general lipo needs, but for Vaser Hi-def, a form of precision sculpting that can help uncover underlying muscular detail.

Actor Blair Underwood of NBC's The Event asked The Doctors today about maintaining his six-pack as he ages. "I hear that there's a whole plastic surgery thing you can do to work out the six-pack so that when I'm in my 50's, 60's and 70's... Is there a plastic surgery for the six-pack on a man?"

Vaser lipo makes use of ultrasound energy waves to break fat cells loose from surrounding structures, which makes the fat cells much easier to remove. Physicians have been using Vaser for several years now, and recently it's found a new use in liposculpting or, as Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors called it, Etching.

"I think male body contouring is becoming more popular because of a number of different reasons," said Dr. David Broadway, a Denver-based Colorado Hi-Def Lipo Surgeon. "First is because of the knowledge that this procedure exists. Once it gets into the community, one person tells the next and those patients are starting to come to see us." More men are feeling comfortable with the idea of seeking a consultation, and more are going through with the surgery.

Vaser is used for both all over fat reduction and precision sculpting. Many physicians like to use the Vaser device for fat transfer procedures. Using the Vaser, fat is aspirated, collected and processed so that it can be injected into the patient to add volume elsewhere on the body. Vaser manufacturer Sound Surgical Technologies has even teamed up with Cytori to promote Cytori's fat processing system, the PureGraft.

Patients who are already fit are turning more and more to high definition liposculpture surgeries to bring out the muscle and bone structure that's lying underneath a thin layer of fat. Dr. Broadway, along with his partners, has developed Hi-Def techniques that are gaining worldwide notoriety. "I think the differences that we see are both in how we approach the patient, but also the results that we're able to show the patients." There is an additional artistic component to the Hi-Def Vaser procedure that sets it apart from the traditional 'de-bulking' surgery. "The way that we approach the patient is a bit different in that we are trying to bring out anatomical detail," described Dr. Broadway.

The majority of patients who have this procedure done are not overweight but have a few spotty areas of fat that their workout regimen can't touch. Often, Dr. Broadway treats male patients who want to show off their abs and pecs, so the procedure is designed to intricately sculpt away fat from key areas to highlight the definition in those areas.

Another common treatment sought by male patients is gynecomastia - or male breasts. Many men suffer from this ailment, even those who are in otherwise good shape. As Dr. Broadway describes, "Gynecomastia has been and will continue to be an interest for our patients. They are trying to not only reduce the total volume of the breast but actually to get some contour and to bring out the pectoralis major muscle."

Whether you're looking to remove fat from all over or to sculpt out a more chiseled look, if you have some fat deposits that you haven't been able to exercise away then it might be a good idea to talk with your aesthetic physician about Vaser. Most patients who are generally healthy will