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Lunch Hour Facelift for Treating Marionette Lines


Dr. Michael Niccole discusses his 1 hour lunchtime rejuvenation procedure consisting of laser rejuvenation, facial fillers and BOTOX on today's episode of "The Doctors."

Orange County Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Niccole explains to Dr. Drew Ordon on The Doctors how this one hour lunchtime facelift alternative can rejuvenate and treat marionette lines, facial wrinkles and skin pigment issues.

Dr. Niccole uses a resurfacing laser from Candela, Juvederm facial filler and BOTOX to accomplish this lunch hour rejuvenation.

Actual Photos of Lunchtime Facelift as seen on The Doctors
Actual Before and After Lunch Hour Photos
Courtesy of www.thedoctorstv.com
There are many fractional resurfacing devices on the market, we recommend you speak with a couple qualified providers to assist you in determining the amount of downtime you are willing to tolerate for the desired results. Laser skin resurfacing refreshes skin and improves appearance, clearing off years of damage. For those interested in the various fractional resurfacing options, we are pleased to provide this synopsis - our Beauty Tech Review of Fractional Resurfacing Devices.

Juvederm is one of several available facial fillers on the market, also known as "injectables" or "dermal fillers." Typically, these fillers are temporary solutions designed for specific tasks such as wrinkle reduction, crease filling or lip augmentation. It is very important to locate an experienced physician who has been trained in the proper use of several injectable products since successful treatments are often a combination of therapies and fillers. A properly trained dermatologist or physician should be able to assist you in determining the proper facial filler for your needs.

This will not deliver long term results like a surgical facelift, but it can help postpone surgery and can be achieved at about a quarter to half of the cost of a facelift.