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Rejuvenate the Eyes Without Surgery: Liquid Eyelift


Look younger in just a few minutes with the help of a Liquid Eyelift.

Aging eyes can make you look tired and worn out. Many women turn to blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery to reverse the signs of aging around the eyes. Now, physicians are able to use facial fillers and keep patients out of the operating room as well as avoiding recovery and downtime.

Dr. Joseph Eviatar, a New York plastic surgeon has developed the Liquid Eyelift which uses a combination of fillers including Restylane and Radiesse. He uses a sandwich technique and injects thicker fillers like Radiesse deep around the orbital bone to lift the tissue, while the thinner Restylane is injected just under the fine lines of the lid to strengthen the skin giving it more structure and lift. "We are able to slightly open up the eye area, lift the upper lid, and allow patients to take ten years off of their appearance," says Dr. Eviatar.

The majority of the changes around the eyes that we see with aging, such as the drooping in the upper lids, are often due to changes in the bone structure. When these bones change, the skin and muscle tend to sag which gives the appearance of heavy and tired eyes. Dr. Eviatar claims that using facial fillers addresses this problem better than surgery.

There are few side effects and no downtime associated with the procedure. Some mild bruising at the injection site is to be expected. The Liquid Eyelift costs $800-$1500 while eyelid surgery can cost upwards of $3000. The results can last as long as three years, but touch ups are typically needed. "Surgery is a static procedure. It corrects things for the moment but cannot account for the way patients will age. The Liquid Eyelift is completely customizable through the years," says Dr. Eviatar.

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Actual Results of Liquid Eyelift