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Good Skin Care Tips for Every Age


Caring for your skin starts early, get ahead of the aging process with these helpful tips.

As skin ages, it thins because of the break down of collagen and elastin. The tight bunching of these proteins begins to stretch which we can see as dry and cracked skin, loose skin and wrinkles. There are steps you can take though to keep your skin nourished by using proper care based on the age of your skin.

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Dr. Drew Ordon of The Doctors suggests that in your 20s, you generally aren't yet faced with much collagen loss, but there are still pigmentation concerns. He says to use products containing alpha-hydroxy acids which basically provide a light peel and help to even out skin tone. He also reminds us that it's important to protect your skin for the future by using sunscreens and being sure to moisturize every night.

By your 30s, fine lines typically start popping up. Dr. Ordon says vitamin C and vitamin E products are a good idea because they contain antioxidants to fight the free radicals that cause so much trouble. The vitamin C will help to give you an exfoliating effect as well. Also, he says to continue with the alpha-hydroxy products and also use retinol to maintain an even skin tone.

Another decade later, in the 40s and beyond, there are more lines, more discoloration like lines under the eye. Dr. Ordon suggests using a prescription strength retinoid product which he says are related to vitamin A. The retinoid will both exfoliate and stimulate the dermis to develop more collagen and elastin to help improve wrinkles and provide a slight tightening of the skin. A good moisturizer packed with antioxidants and Resveratrol will fight the aging process and it may be time to speak with your aesthetic physician about a chemical peel or hyaluronic-acid based facial fillers to plump up deep wrinkles.

Sunscreen should be used at every age but starting as early as possible will help to maintain beautiful, moisturized skin throughout your life. Establishing good skin care habits early will benefit you for your whole life.