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New MultiFocal LASIK - A Replacement for Bifocals?


The latest in LASIK treats two procedures at once.

multifocal lasik on the doctors
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When LASIK was first introduced it revolutionized the way we thought about eyesight correction. It's an ever evolving procedure that now includes bladeless LASIK as well. Another new method is known as Multi-Focal LASIK which is designed to correct both distance and reading vision troubles. In the past, LASIK was only able to repair one or the other - distance or reading. Now, the latest innovation for the surgery enables treatment of both.

Featured today on The Doctors, the procedure is also known as Presbyopic LASIK and Bifocal LASIK to help those who would traditionally need bifocal lenses in order to see both at a distance and read up close. As ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler demonstrates, in just about 5 minutes per eye, he is able to correct both the cornea and the lens.

Patients report that the procedure is painless and healing is fast. Within just a day or two, patients have the youthful eyes of the past. Multifocal Lasik has been performed in Europe and other sites around the world, but is not yet FDA approved in the US. It is currently undergoing clinical trials and shows promise. Check with your eye doctor to see if you might be a candidate and can get rid of your glasses altogether.