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Combat Female Hair Loss With Minimally Invasive Treatment


New treatments on the market area available to treat female pattern hair loss.

As seen on The Doctors, women who suffer from hair loss now have options to help hair from falling out and encourage re-growth. Dr. Peter Goldman, of Goldman-Dubow Dermatology in Los Angeles, CA appeared on the show to discuss treatments for Female Hair Restoration.

Dr. Peter Goldman Female Hair Loss
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To determine whether a patient has female pattern hair loss, Dr. Goldman parts the patient's hair down the middle and measures - more than 1/4" means she is a candidate for hair loss treatment.

Dr. Goldman says, "The main culprit of hair loss is DHT, a breakdown product of testosterone. It is this singular compound that is most significant in causing hair loss." Treatment includes oral medication such as Finastrede, topical solutions and local scalp injections.

A patient of Dr. Goldman says, "I am very pleased with the results so far. I have seen no additional loss of hair and I have experienced re-growth in some areas!"

Other hair restoration treatments include hair transplants such as NeoGraft.