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Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation that can be performed speedily, with little to no downtime and nearly painless post-op.

As the aesthetic industry moves toward procedures that are less invasive and require little to no downtime, physicians are being pushed to think more innovatively when it comes to surgical procedures. Case in point, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami has turned the traditional breast augmentation on it's ear with his trademarked procedure, The Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation.

Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation Dr. Ashkan Ghavami After
1 Day Post Treatment
"The goal of the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation is to give my patients a rapid, painless recovery, with the least amount of trauma on the body possible," states Dr. Ghavami. "This procedure is superior to traditional breast augmentations in almost every way imaginable and I am conducting a prospective study to analyze its unique benefits."

The Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation differs from traditional breast augmentation by utilizing a precise dissection sequence that results in shorter procedure time and painless recovery. Through Dr. Ghavami's development of a unique breast pocket, which will eventually house the implant, trauma to muscles, tissues and the rib cage is significantly minimized. Furthermore, since dissection is performed with direct visualization and without tearing the tissue, the procedure can be performed in under an hour and in some cases, in half an hour.

"Traditional breast augmentation surgery can tear the chest muscles and oftentimes surgeons use traumatic instruments or their fingers, to force open the implant pocket," notes Dr. Ghavami. "I use only cautery, a process using heat, which limits trauma and I catch bleeding before it has a chance to occur." As a result, surgery is decreased by 30-45 minutes. Therefore, the patient is exposed to less anesthesia and muscle contractions.

Post-op care for the Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation do not include narcotic pain pills - Dr. Ghavami typically recommends over the counter pain medication, such Motrin or ibuprofen. Unlike traditional breast augmentation, draining, wrapping and binding is not necessary after the procedure - only a surgical bra is required. The downtime is minimal with patients often returning to work the next day.

Dr. Ghavami concludes that while the procedure is fast and painless, everyone is different and, therefore, requires a customized exercise and stretching program to achieve and maintain their new busts. Due to the gentle nature of the procedure, these are designed and practiced the very day of their surgery. "The Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation is a safe, effective, and superior option to traditional breast augmentation surgeries," ends Dr. Ghavami. "It truly is giving women new breasts? in a flash!"

This is a quick recovery technique utilized by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Ashkan Ghavami, M.D. of Beverly Hills, California and is based on the unique 24 hour recovery breast augmentation technique and principles that were first developed and published by innovative Dallas-based plastic surgeon, Dr. John Tebbetts. Dr. Ghavami had the good fortune to train under Dr. Tebbetts and is currently conducting evaluation of the merits of this quick recovery technique with some modifications, on the Los Angeles patient population