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Lasers for Tattoo Removal Used for Correcting Permanent Makeup


In a procedure very similar to tattoo removal, permanent makeup isn't so permanent after all.

Permanent makeup is a popular choice, especially for those who are on the go or have allergies to some cosmetics. The procedure is similar to getting a tattoo, and common areas to have done are the eyebrows, lips and eye lids. Though most are satisfied, some decide later that they don't want the permanent makeup after all, or a poor job was done. How do you remove permanent makeup?

remove permanent makeup
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"It's very similar to removing a tattoo anywhere else because obviously, it's a tattoo," says Boca Raton dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg. "Often women get tattoos put on their eyebrows and they're too long, too thick, too high, too far in in the midline and they hate what they look like. And they're seeking tattoo removal for correction of that brow or the eyeliner or even lip stick and I do quite a lot of work in that field because we do permanent make up so people seek that in my facility."

Dr. Steinberg says even the eyeliner tattoos are able to be modified, if the proper safety precautions are made. "You would have to put an eye shield in the eye to protect the eye completely, so I don't think that everybody is equipped to do that but I've done many of those."

She also says that though perhaps not all of the tattoo can be removed, it can be modified. "It's not easy to remove all of the ink colors and some of them actually change color during the removal. Sometimes it's just taking part of it off and then redoing it the proper way and not trying to eliminate 100% of the ink. That's true of regular tattoos too. Many people will want a portion of their tattoo removed so that can put another tattoo that's more attractive over it. Like, maybe removing Chinese geometric letters and putting a flower over it to make it more attractive."

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