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Permanent Makeup: A Better Cosmetic Solution for Many


Ditch the cluttered counter tops and makeup bags for permanent cosmetics.

Permanent makeup is much like getting a tattoo, but rather than placing an image somewhere on the body, the ink is applied to the face to enhance features or to correct skin pigmentation problems. This procedure can be a simple time saver for many, but there are those who are unable to properly apply conventional cosmetics who can see a great benefit with permanent makeup.

permanent makeup
  • Am I a candidate for permanent makeup? Everyone is a candidate, regardless of age or skin type. There are many different reasons for choosing permanent makeup, the most obvious being the time saving benefits. Other women opt for the permanent solution because they are allergic to cosmetics, or perhaps have poor eyesight and find application difficult. Arthritic people and those who are constantly on the go also enjoy being able to wake up looking ready to face the world.

  • Does permanent makeup hurt? The treatment is not painless, but the discomfort is easily managed with a topical numbing cream. Women often report that the most sensitive areas are the lips and the eyelids, while the eyebrows are usually not very painful. Healing takes no longer than healing from a regular tattoo and the results last a lifetime. Often, one session is all that's necessary to provide a permanent, beautiful result.

  • How much does permanent makeup cost? With a price tag around $300-$700, the cost is reasonable, especially when you take into consideration the cost of cosmetics over the years. The time investment is minimal and instead of spending time in front of the mirror every morning, you could have more time to exercise or spend with your family - or just sleep in.

  • Is permanent makeup really forever? Yes, your permanent makeup will be with you for your whole life - if you choose, though you may need some touch ups over the years. Some physicians like dermatologist Dr. Janee Steinberg, who provides permanent makeup in Boca Raton, FL, also offer laser tattoo removal which can remove permanent makeup. Often, Dr. Steinberg is able to fade the original ink with the laser and come back in with a different color to correct or modify the permanent makeup.
So quit wasting hours of your life in front of a mirror trying to perfect your eyeliner when you can walk out of the door every morning confident that your makeup is consistent and smudge free.