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Subtle Procedures For Those Wanting a Natural Look


As another generation enters middle age, they are seeking fixes for their aging issues that avoid any obvious signs of work.

As baby boomers age, for many, the priority is on maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance. However, most boomers want the look and feel of youth and beauty without the negative perceptions that go along with looking as though you have had extensive plastic surgery. Dr. Lenore Sikorski, an Orange County Plastic Surgeon, has built her business- Natural Image OC - on exactly this premise.

middle aged woman

Dr. Sikorski believes that "It's not about looking 'fixed,' it's about looking natural - even though you HAVE had a fix." Sikorski shares this philosophy with clients both at her clinic, and at popular double date nights that she hosts to share some of the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry. Sikorski offers information about both surgical and non-surgical techniques to boomers hoping to minimize wrinkles and other signs of aging. Her discussions and presentations help men and women to understand how to achieve effective results without looking as though they have had obvious surgery or filler work.

Some of her popular products include both non-invasive cosmetic treatments and minimally invasive procedures that have people back up on their feet and back to their lives with minimal downtime.

Non-surgical options include injectables like Sculptra, Botox and other wrinkle relaxers and anti-aging collagen products. Sculptra is an especially popular option thanks to its unique volume-building product. It is injected in the skin and causes the skin to boost its own collagen production. Collagen helps fight wrinkles and promote healthy, even, glowing and youthful skin. With several Sculptra sessions administered over a period of several months, your skin can begin to lift itself, giving you a fresh and revitalized look.

Botox, Dysport and Radiesse also offer alternatives to surgery that can make a dramatic - albeit temporary - difference in your appearance. Both Botox and Dysport can provide a quick browlift, while Radiesse can effectively change the shape of your nose in a fashion similar to a nose job.

For patients who need a bit more revitalization than a non-surgical option can provide, Dr. Sikorski also offers surgical procedures designed to improve appearance, look natural and cause minimal pain and downtime. Her Active Lift mini lift offers permanent lifting sutures with minimal incisions, resulting in ultra-fast recovery.

Her weekend neck lift is also a popular choice. One patient actually claimed that the surgery "made a very big difference in her business." Since she was in sales, the patient's appearance affected the way she was perceived and since her weekend neck lift, she reported that her "bottom line has improved substantially."

Helping women to feel better about themselves with these types of natural looking improvements was one of Sikorski's goals. As Dr. Sikorski says, "It's truly not about looking that different.... It's about looking the way you want to without risking the loss of your visual identity."