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BodyTite: A New Procedure to Remove Fat and Tighten Skin


Body Tite is a new technology currently undergoing clinical trials which uses RF energy and two sources of heat to remove fat and tighten skin.

There is a new lipolysis procedure called BodyTite which uses radio frequency internally to remove fat and tighten skin. The technology is from Invasix and shows promise as the next big thing on the horizon. It is still undergoing clinical testing and is not yet approved by the FDA. BodyTite was recently featured on "The Doctors" with Dr. Steven Davis providing an example of how it works.

While there are currently a number of technologies available that remove fat and tighten skin such as SmartLipo and Vaser, what is special about BodyTite is the combination of internal and external heat. Additionally, the device has constant temperature monitoring so that the physician can ensure he reaches the proper temperature for skin retraction without getting too hot.

The hand piece features a cannula along with an attached electrode. The cannula goes underneath the skin and is always at the same point as the external electrode. Both the cannula and the electrode provide energy while the electrode also monitors heat. Further, the cannula removes the fat and releases energy at the same time, providing skin tightening as it goes.

It is important to note that Body Tite is not a laser lipo procedure. Rather than using light as its energy source, it uses RF energy to provide its heat. The cannula which is inserted in the body is able to both remove the fat and heat the skin at the same time making it a faster procedure. With other lipolysis systems, the fat is melted by the laser, then the surgeon goes back in with suction to remove the melted fat, then goes back in again with heat to tighten the skin. So BodyTite takes a three step process and condenses it into one.

bodytite on the doctors

BodyTite provides impedance monitoring, meaning the physician can ensure a consistent heat and energy output for uniform fat removal and skin tightening. Additionally, there is a built in safety feature of an automatic shutoff when the heat gets too high or if one of the electrodes monitoring the heat and energy usage is disrupted in some way.

The patient does not have to go under full sedation, rather only local or light anesthesia is needed. Patients report less bruising, swelling and pain, and downtime is minimal. It can work on several areas of the body and the hand piece is adjustable to control treatment depth.