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Carrie Prejean Settles Breast Implant Suit


Carrie Prejean and Miss California pageant producers settle their suit/countersuit fight.

lady justice pageantLast October, Carrie Prejean and K2 Productions - producers of the Miss California Pageant - found themselves in the middle of a suit/countersuit battle.

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    It all began when Prejean made controversial comments during the Miss USA pageant regarding her views on gay marriage, stating that she believed marriage should only be between a man and a woman. She was soon stripped of her title by the pageant producers who claimed that she had missed several events, and was released due to her inability to live up to her contractual obligations.

    Prejean, however, alleges that her beliefs are the reason her title was removed, and so filed suit against the producers for libel, slander and religious discrimination. They filed a countersuit stating that she owed them over $5000 for her breast implants.

    Both parties settled yesterday in a California courthouse. The terms of the settlement have been deemed confidential. Prejean and K2 are said to wish each other all the best in the future.