CoolSculpting Overall Review: 4.22

Meets Doctor Expectations: 4.33
Meets Patient Expectations: 3.85
Complications/Adverse Responses: 4.43
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Downtime: 4.34
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Pain: 4.16
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Review by: American Health and Beauty Editors
Why Physicians Recommend CoolScupting
  • Destroys fat cells
  • Single treatment, no weekly/bi-weekly regiment (many providers suggest a second treatment for better results 2 to 4 months later)
  • Completely non-invasive, minimal downtime (some report discomfort or bruising for a few days)
  • The device specifically targets the fat cells in the layer closest to skin
  • The majority of patients who review this procedure are pleased with the overall result
Complaints About CoolSculpting
  • No immediate "wow" factor, long process to see full results, final results often around 4 months
  • Can be uncomfortable, with soreness or tingling sensation possible... some report as painful, doctors describe as "tolerable"
  • Bruising and/or tingling for a period of time after the treatment are the most common complaints
  • Not intended for large areas of fat
  • Not for weight loss, spot fat reduction only
CoolSculpting by Zeltiq crystallizes fat cells which are then expelled from the body over time. It is not considered a weight loss procedure. Consulting with a knowledgeable doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment is highly encouraged. Patient selection is important for this procedure.

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