Vanquish Overall Review: 4.8

Meets Doctor Expectations: 5
Meets Patient Expectations: 4.5
Complications/Adverse Responses: 4.5
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Downtime: 5
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Pain: 5
(1 is worse than expected 5 is less than expected)
Review by: American Health and Beauty Editors
How is this procedure different?
This procedure is the newest RF device on the market that eliminates fat in a painless way with no downtime. It has the largest treatment area of any comparable device on the market. The treatment protocol is 4- 30 minute sessions one week apart with an averge reduction in circumference of abdomen or hips of 7-8 cms.

Who is the ideal candidate?
The ideal patient is anyone from 20- 60 that is 15-20lbs over their ideal weight and does not want the risk or downtime associated wih liposuction. The only requirement is that the patient be well hydrated before the procedure. I usually recommend 8 -10 glasses of water the day of the procedure and 2 days after. Couples often do this procedure together.

This procedure has a high satisfaction rate as the real self website confirms with an over 85% satisfaction rate. I think that this procedure has the potential to be a game changer for people considering non invasive fat reduction.

Louis Cole MD
Norcross, GA

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