CoolTone - Magnetic Technology for Strengthening & Toning Muscles

truSculpt flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting device for the strengthening, firming and toning of abdominal, buttocks and thighs

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truSculpt flex is a non-invasive, customizable, muscle-sculpting technology capable of treating most body types.  There is no reported downtime muscle tone continues to improve over weeks with many seeing continued results for months.
truSculpt flex offers personalized treatments based on patient fitness level, shape, and goals
Eight muscle groups are treated simultaneously using 16 applicators, which Cutera claims treats the largest area in the body sculpting industry. The device has three modes replicating intensiļ¬ed twisting, squat, and crunch actions.
Requires a minimum of 4 treatments over a few weeks.  Results can be seen as early as the second session with the best results appearing 8 to 12 weeks after the last session.

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