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truSculpt 3D utilizes RF energy to heat and destroy adipose cells (fat) and is used for body contouring, fat reduction and cellulite reduction.

The non-surgical solution is ideal for patients who are close to their ideal weight, but have targeted areas which don’t respond to diet and exercise.

The treatment takes approximately 15 to 60 minutes per area.

Quick Facts from Cutera, the manufacturer:

  • Results can be seen after 1 treatment
  • Up to 24% fat thickness reduction
  • Treat up to 4 problem area in one 1-hour session
  • No post-treatment discomfort or downtime

truSculpting 3D is a non-invasive fat reduction device and body contouring treatment that is a painless, non-surgical option to contour the body by reducing fat and tightening the skin.

The treatment can be used on many areas of the body, including stomach, thighs, and under the chin -- multiple areas can be treated in the same visit.

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