Laser treatment for active acne and acne scarring

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Smoothbeam is a simple and effective outpatient treatment for acne in which a laser is used to treat the sebaceous glands beneath the surface of your skin, where the trouble is caused. Doctors have been using this FDA approved technology with great success for over 20 years, for all kinds of skin issues. Not only does the Smoothbeam laser reduce or eliminate acne, it can also be used to reduce fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes.

During Smoothbeam treatment, you will be required to wear eye protection. Your skin should be clean and dry prior to the start of the procedure. The laser is produced by a small device that is passed over the area being treated, delivering the laser along with protective cooling spray.

The entire process takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete, and is only mildly uncomfortable. If you are very sensitive, a topical anesthetic may be used to reduce discomfort. There may be slight redness following the treatment, but it will fade in several hours. Once your treatment is complete, take care not to scrub your face too hard. It would also be wise to stay away from the sun and apply sunscreen as a precaution.

Anyone at any age can be a candidate for this procedure. It has been approved by the FDA for active acne and scarring. Many patients require 3 or more treatments to receive the full benefit of Smoothbeam. Your physician will determine how many treatments you require for the best outcome.

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