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Fractional RF microneedling system

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Secret RF by Cutera is a new approach to facial rejuvenation, addressing skin quality, mild wrinkles and hard to treat scars.

Secret RF uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and semi-insulated & non-insulated microneedles with adjustable depths of penetration known as RF microneedling (RFMN).


Announced at AAD18, dermatologists and founders of Oak Dermatology in Schaumburg IL, Dr. Ashish Bhatia and Dr. Jeffrey Hsu, discuss the ability to recognize the signs of aging and how to achieve the appearance of revitalized skin with Secret RF. “The new Secret RF microneedling device is changing the game when it comes to fractional radio frequency facial revitalization,” said Dr. Bhatia. “Addressing my patients’ needs when it comes to firming up the tissue, on both the face and the body, is something they have yet to achieve in a quick, 15-minute treatment until now.”

Commented Dr. Hsu, “We’re looking forward to being able to approach collagen remodeling and scar correction in a whole new light, without the downtime or the lengthy treatment time needed with alternative procedures.”

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