Polaris WR

An excellent treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, and skin rejuvenation

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Polaris WR is FDA approved and is the latest in the Syneron family of cosmetic non-ablative technologies used for turning back the clock on age and treating skin problems. The Polaris WR is a non-ablative, skin rejuvenation device that uses dual technology - radio frequency and a diode laser. This particular combination of energies is what sets Polaris WR apart from the rest.

The scientific principle behind the effectiveness of Polaris is the ability to allow deep dermal thermal (heat) penetration without damaging healthy tissues and with no deleterious effects on the skin surface. Like other non-ablative technologies, it creates just enough thermal stimuli to initiate collagen growth.

Combining Polaris treatments with Fotofacial, Botox or Restylane provides an overall rejuvenation system. Fotofacial, Botox, Restylane and Polaris Wrinkle Reduction treatments can be performed during the same office visit to produce dramatic effects without surgery, with minimal time investment and virtually no downtime.

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