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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Using PRP Injections

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Using PRP InjectionsDr. Steven Weiner located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, between Destin and Panama City Beach, Florida, uses state-of-the-art PRP collection and injection techniques that have shown hair density improvements ranging from 12%-63%.

PRP is “Platelet Rich Plasma,” a portion of whole blood that is separated from the red blood cells through centrifuging. Using this in hair restoration began during hair transplantation 5-7 years ago. Surgeons found that bathing the harvested hair follicles led to improvements in the “take” of the transplanted follicle as well as more hair growth, and denser hair growth. Injecting PRP in the harvested area led to improved healing of the scar. It was then discovered that when PRP was then injected into areas of hair loss without transplanting hair, that there was new hair growth. In a study published in “Prime” Journal, patients were found to have improvements in their hair growth from 12-63%, and notably, there was improvements in all the patients studied. Growth seems to start at about 4 months, and starts to fade at about 11 months. Improvements are more dramatic in females than in males.

The mechanism proposed for the improvements seen is that the PRP leads to increased vascularization of the hair follicles, leading to a “waking up” of previously poorly perfused hair follicles. The growth factors also stimulate the hair follicles to produce hair. It was also noted the thickening of hairs that have been growing but have miniturized (become thin). It will not cause hair to grow in areas of scarring or in areas where there was never hair. It’s also been found that new hair growth is sometimes pigmented in areas where hair had turned gray, representing a “youthful” follicle.