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Seattle Cosmetic Surgeon Releases Infographic on Abdominoplasty

Seattle Cosmetic Surgeon Releases Infographic on AbdominoplastySeattle plastic surgeon Dr. Bryan McIntosh recently released an article titled, "Achieve the Waistline You Want with a Tummy Tuck". Even with constant dieting and exercise a firm tummy can not always be restored.

The infographic, developed by Dr. McIntosh, begins by defining an abdominoplasty procedure. In addition, the informational graphic provides helpful statistics and important details regarding the procedure. The article also points the best candidates for an abdominoplasty.

In conclusion, the article recommends, “If you’ve been struggling with regaining your pre-baby body, or have experienced a major weight loss and have been unable to reduce that sagging belly, come in for a consultation. Together, let’s get you back on the beach, feeling confident and beautiful once again.”