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As Teen Cosmetic Procedures Rise Florida Doctor Urges Caution

As Teen Cosmetic Procedures Rise Florida Doctor Urges CautionDr. Cynthia Elliott, owner of Tampa Bay nonsurgical cosmetic facility Skinspirations, warns against children undergoing both surgical and minimally-invasive procedures. Teen procedures have risen 30 percent over the last decade among teen bullying victims. Elliott says that their bodies, as well as their understanding of the inherent risks, are still developing.

While cosmetic surgery procedures are most common among teens, some are also seeking laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasions and even Botox injections. Though research into the dangers of cosmetic procedures performed on children under the age of 18 is limited, the physical and emotional risks are numerous, according to Dr. Elliott.

Serious health consequences can include slow and painful recoveries, bacterial infections and possible scarring. Due to the fact that their bodies are still growing, it is unclear how a procedure will affect their future development and teens may believe a new look will increase their self-esteem or popularity. Unrealistic expectations can set them up for major disappointment if those expectations arenít met.