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Timeline for Breast Augmentation Healing Process

Timeline for Breast Augmentation Healing ProcessMany women would prefer to be in shape and healed from breast augmentation in time for summer so they can enjoy all of the outdoor activities offered. Unfortunately, most are unaware of the time it takes to heal and they end up being disappointed when they are not ready in the time-frame they expected.

Dr. Joseph T. Cruise, located in Orange County, has recently developed a comprehensive recovery timeline outlining the various stages of the healing process and what to expect. Having a clear picture of the healing process when considering breast augmentation allows patients to properly plan when to have surgery and helps to alleviate any unnecessary stress during recovery. "The more we educate and prepare our breast augmentation patients in advance of surgery, the easier and less stressful their recovery will be," mentioned Dr. Cruise.

This guide is an outline of what can be expected in the days, weeks and months following surgery, however Dr. Cruise notes that while there is a "standard" of what is seen in recovery, the healing process can vary from patient to patient. Not all scenarios are detailed, rather just those that are most common. The breast augmentation timeline also points out some important factors to consider when deciding when to have surgery, as well as provides answers to some of the most pressing questions asked by prospective patients pertaining to the healing process and recovery time. The timeline begins with day one post-surgery and continues through six months post-surgery.