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FAQ's on Breast Augmentation Surgery Answered by Newport Beach Surgeon

FAQ's on Breast Augmentation Surgery Answered by Newport Beach SurgeonDr. Ronald Moser recently compiled an article highlighting ‘frequently asked questions’ titled “Breast Augmentation Surgery Questions and Answers,” The article was presented by AesthetiCare Cosmetic Surgery Institute, based in Orange County, CA. According to many of Dr. Moser patients who have read his articles, the explanations are detailed and completely understandable to the average reader.

AesthetiCare recently has the only lifetime warranty program offered by a cosmetic surgical center in the U.S. The warranty covers 100 percent of the surgeon’s fees. Anesthesia and operating room fees are at AesthetiCare’s cost. There is no charge for replacement implants (for deflation or rupture) and follow-up office visits are also free. Charges are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the medical situation. AesthetiCare notes that costs are often covered by the implant manufacturer's warranties and medical insurance.

According to AesthetiCare, nearly 10 percent of all cosmetic surgery procedures nationwide require some revision or correction later in the patient’s life. AesthetiCare is the first medical group to offer a warranty for revision of their patient’s previous operations, including breast implant leakage.

“Our goal is to ensure the complete care and satisfaction of our patients,” said Dr. Moser, surgical director of AesthetiCare. “Surgery is not always an exact science and there can be some unforeseen complications. This warranty program removes the risk of leaving the patient with less than a satisfying experience.”

Dr. Moser added that the warranty program is designed to add an extra measure of confidence that any problems that a patient may experience will be taken care of by their surgeons at AesthetiCare at little or no cost. “That’s why it’s a lifetime warranty,” he said. “My first duty to my patients is to ensure that their experience is medically safe, but I also want them to be happy with the results, and that’s for a lifetime.”