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Most Popular Non Surgical Solution for Skin Tightening in New York

Most Popular Non Surgical Solution for Skin Tightening in New YorkDr. Lisa Zdinak was the first physician to offer Exilis non surgical fat reduction treatments in New York. Dr Zdinak commented, “When I met President Jan Zarsky in Europe at an International conference and he demonstrated the machine it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before Exilis would become one of the most popular treatments among my clientele.” Indeed Exilis continues to win accolades among doctors and patients alike. The flexibility of the machine and the ability to treat multiple areas and the fact that the treatment is pleasant only contributes further to its success.

Dr. Zdinak was a long time provider of Thermage, another popular non surgical, skin tightening and body shaping device. She was the first practice in New York to upgrade to the Thermage 16.0 body tip, the NXT, the Thermage CPT face tip, and is the only Thermage Black Diamond and Pinnacle Award winner for over 7 years. Thermage still has its fans.

Many International patients travel from all over the world to do their treatment with Thermage, since it consists of only a single treatment. Thermage excels when it comes to skin tightening and is still popular amongst those who prefer a single treatment, and Exilis is the go to machine for body contouring and body shaping. Often personalized protocols are designed where two or more machines are used to treat patients.