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Seattle Surgeon Describes the Cosmetic Advantages of Blepharoplasty

Seattle Surgeon Describes the Cosmetic Advantages of BlepharoplastySeattle Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan McIntosh explained in a recent article conditions that can be addressed through blepharoplasty surgery. He emphasizes that “Facial plastic surgery can correct these flaws that are disguising your natural beauty and help you regain confidence to look the world in the face.”

This procedure is commonly identified as “eyelid surgery” or an “eyelid lift.” It works to removes saggy tissue from above and below the eyes, creating a younger look and providing expanded vision. Specific conditions that are treatable by blepharoplasty surgery include sagging skin, drooping eyelids, puffy upper eyelids, and lower eyelid wrinkles.

The article describes several causes of these various signs of aging. Aided by the constant pull of gravity, the skin loses some of its elasticity over time. Eventually, this process results in an extra fold of skin over the upper eyelid and wrinkles or bulges on the lower eyelid.

Patients are usually fully recovered within a period of 10-14 days. Risks associated with the surgery are minimal, contributing to the high success rate of the procedures.