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Painless Breast Augmentation Recovery in Miami

Painless Breast Augmentation Recovery in MiamiDr. Rian A. Maercks, of The Maercks Institute in Miami, is please to announce the addition of Exparel to the elite Cold-Subfascial Breast AugmentationR.

Exparel is a technological breakthrough in local anesthesia that has made it possible to deliver several days of anesthesia with a single injection. With Exparel being incorporated into the pre-procedure regimen of the Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation, it is possible to deliver a pain free recovery experience for patients seeking this elite intervention. Maercks commented, “It is absolutely wonderful that I can now deliver a finely tuned aesthetic intervention without the patient feeling like anything was done, never experiencing surgical pain.”

Cold-Subfascial Breast AugmentationR, consistently delivers a unique “unaugmented” appearing breasts with soft slopes of a natural breast with profound projection and balance. Today it is indeed possible to achieve ideal feminine form without the recovery that turns so many away from surgery.