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A Rapid Recovery Facelift

A Rapid Recovery FaceliftThe term facelift has often gotten a bad wrap as people tend to think of stretched and expressionless faces who had taken surgery to an extreme. Luckily, as surgical results become more discreet, more people under the age of 60 are turning to face lifts to delay the clock.

A study by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that 59% of facelifts were performed on patients between the ages of 35-60 in 2012, as compared to 40% performed on patients over 60. The reason for this perceptible attitude change toward face lifts can be largely attributed to improvements in technology that allow for a quicker recovery, less scarring and more natural outcomes.

Dr. Sam Rizk, based in Manhattan, is recognized for his leadership as one of the best facial plastic surgeons in New York and is at the forefront of this revolution. Dr. Rizk has developed a rapid recovery, 3-D facelift that is making the procedure more appealing and feasible for this younger demographic.

“As we age, facial muscles become loose and drop underneath the skin,” says Dr. Rizk. “It may be tempting to turn to inexpensive treatment options like injectables, but fillers are not the cure-all for all forms of facial aging and should not be seen as a substitute for a facelift. If you’re looking to correct sagging around the neck or jowl, fillers are an ineffective solution.”