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The Botox University E-Textbook Launched

The Botox University E-Textbook LaunchedNow you can learn everything you need to know about Botox. Despite negativity about Botox in the media, thereís a reason itís Americaís fastest growing medical cosmetic procedure: it can yield unbelievable results.

Dr. Roy Kim of San Francisco says, "Misinformation about Botox can really cultivate fear and avoidance, which is too bad, because Iíve watched so many patients light up with joy when they see the pleasant difference Botox makes. With the right injector, it absolutely takes looking your best to the next level."

The book goes way beyond brochures and FAQs, yet remains easy to understand. From the basics to the practical facts only a doctor could know, Botox University truly educates. Dr. Kim says he wrote this book to empower any-one considering a Botox procedure. An educated consumer is most likely to achieve the best, most individualized treatment.