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Surge in Cosmetic Procedures Among Straight and Gay Men

Surge in Cosmetic Procedures Among Straight and Gay MenDr. Cynthia Elliott, owner of Skinspirations in Tampa Bay, has noticed a jump in the number of men seeking noninvasive procedures, with her most popular procedure being Botox injections. Statistics show more than 360,000 men received Botox treatments in 2012, evidence of a growing trend among men—both gay and straight—using what has been dubbed “Brotox” to treat their wrinkles.

It appears the reasons for an increase in male interest and demand for such procedures are due to a tough economy and increased competition in the job market. However, despite the increased demand for men’s cosmetic procedures, there is still stigma attached to seeking such treatments, and the majority of men prefer to keep their procedures confidential.

The stigma associated with cosmetic procedures does not extend across all sexualities. Some straight men fear that their colleagues, friends and family may view their desire for noninvasive treatments as feminine behavior. However, reports have shown that men within the gay community view cosmetic surgery as an acceptable part of their lives. The most common procedures for gay men are liposuction and upper and lower eyelid surgery, while straight men tend to avoid “going under the knife” and typically opt for nonsurgical procedures.