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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in Orange County

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction in Orange CountyDr. Sam Truong is excited to introduce Exilis, an FDA-approved, non-invasive, and non-surgical technology that utilizes radio frequency to treat the skin and promote fat reduction to his Orange County practice.

Exilis delivers controlled heat under the skin, right where stubborn fat cells reside. The vibration from the Exilis breaks into the fibrous tissues while the heat from the Exilis increases metabolism in the treatment area allowing it to shrink the size of each fat cell. The advanced cooling system of the Exilis allows for the deep penetration within the fat cells without the risk of burning your skin.

It is a comfortable skin-tightening and non-surgical fat reduction procedure. During the Exilis treatment, the patient feels little to no discomfort and will typically experience a warming sensation. Depending on the size of the treatment area, each session lasts between 15 minutes up to an hour with little to no required downtime afterwards.