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Cost Effective Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

Cost Effective Surgical Hair Loss TreatmentIndividuals in early-to-mid stages of thinning hair, may be a candidate for a new “hair cloning” technology called Acell + PRP Hair Regeneration. A material called “ACell" combined with stem cells from a patient’s own blood can treat different types of hair loss and dramatically increase the volume of hair. Dr. Robert Kratschmer who practices in the Houston area offers this exciting new treatment.

ACell + PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injection regenerates hair by activating stem cells in those dormant hair follicles. Considered by many doctors as the first significant hair restoration treatment for hair loss since the development of hair transplants and medications, the procedure starts at only $1,750. It is reportedly, fast, discreet, and requires very minimal downtime, if any.

ACell is an FDA approved wound-healing powder that when mixed with a patient’s own PRP (stem cells) and injected into the scalp, improves hair follicle stem cell function and growth. Within just a few months, patients see hair growth where previously the hairs were thin. The hair growth results after an ACell + PRP injection treatment are significant and last for three to five years. Periodic follow up booster injections are a great way to maintain new hair growth and prevent additional loss.

Previously, women with hereditary hair loss were not good candidates for standard and older hair transplantation methods, ACell + PRP offers an exciting new treatment option to help thicken hair, decrease visibility of the scalp, and minimize hair loss and shedding.