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Exilis Elite is Award Winner from NewBeauty for Skin Tightening

Exilis Elite is Award Winner from NewBeauty for Skin TighteningAccording to a study in the journal of New Beauty, Exilis Elite has proven to provide the best skin tightening. It was voted by thousands of NewBeauty readers, top beauty experts and NewBeauty editors.

Loose skin is a sure sign of aging and since first impressions count its more important than ever to look vital. Skin tightening with the Exilis Elite delivers reliable, safe and painless skin tightening of the eyelid, jowl, cheek and neck with no downtime.

Dr. Glenn Messina of Messina Esthetic Medicine in Commack Long Island has been using Exilis for almost three years. I was impressed with the reliable skin tightening results my patients obtained with the first generation Exilis. Exilis Elite delivers significantly better skin tightening not only for the face and neck but skin tightening of the abdomen for loose skin after pregnancy as well as on the arms and thighs in half of the previous generations time.