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Google Glasses being used in Surgery by Chicago Surgeon

Google Glasses being used in Surgery by Chicago Surgeon

At the end of last year, Dr. Anil Shah became one of the first surgeons to use Google Glass in the operating room.

The University of Chicago surgeon performed a Rhinoplasty, more commonly referred to as a 'nose job,' on an area woman who broke her nose during a fall in October.

He believes that this latest technology from Google could revolutionize the way surgery is performed.

"I think it helps the surgeon concentrate more on the case and more on what's relevant, and just get rid of the distractions from the outside," Dr. Shah states.

When asked if the Google Glass was distracting from the procedure, Dr. Shah explains that it is not problematic, since the image is located in the right upper hand corner point of view, "In surgery, your focus is on what you see straight ahead in a fairly narrow window."

There are many benefits of using Google Glass in the operating room, the doctor says. First, there is the ability to pull up photos and information without stepping away from the patient. Images can be captured before and during the procedure, prior to casting. Finally, those interested in the procedure, such as medical students and other physicians, can watch it in its entirety via live streaming.