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ChinTuck Genioplasty - Could this be a Better Alternative to a Neck Lift?

ChinTuck Genioplasty - Could this be a Better Alternative to a Neck Lift?Toronto surgeons at Edelstein Cosmetic, suggest that aging patients may benefit from a ChinTuck genioplasty for sagging of tissues in the neck area. It's a specialized form of chin augmentation, rather than a neck lift. While genioplasty is regularly performed in conjunction with a neck lift, a ChinTuck may even be able to achieve desired results when performed alone.

“Genioplasty alone can improve the neck considerably in patients who are not ready for a facelift or neck lift, but still have some extent of ptosis in the lower portion of their face,” Dr. Jerome Edelstein, head plastic surgeon at Edelstein Cosmetic states. “Suitable patients tend to be in their 40s to 50s, with moderate sagging along the jawline and neck. A facelift would be an overly aggressive solution for these patients.”

Genioplasty enhances the chin by modifying the bone or tissues, or with inserting an implant. The two procedures are designed for different purposes but at Edelstein Cosmetic surgeons have found that middle-aged patients who have had a ChinTuck genioplasty experience a subtle rejuvenation of their neck as a side effect. As a result, it may be a more effective and economical choice for suitable patients.